May 23, 2012

soccer awards

although it seems like soccer just started - it's been eight weeks! 
last week, was the 'world cup'! basically, the kids broke down into smaller teams and played games. which is quite funny to see when you're talking 2-3 year olds. but kullen had a ball!

yesterday evening was the 'last' night and it consisted of awards and pizza! what fun! kullen got his name called and got a certificate, a medallion and some cool freebies! [rita's, chickfila, red robin & fosters grill!] then he got to hang out and have pizza, juice and cake!

waiting patiently for his name to be called:
 walking with dada to get his goodies:
 cloud nine:
 being crazy!
 hangin' with his bud, jamisen!
 they were stuffing their face! ;)
 so cute!
 obviously, something else was more important than taking a picture with me! haha
 typical, right here ... ;)
although soccer didn't really seem to be a huge hit, i'm glad we did it and glad he got to get out there once a week and 'play'! maybe we'll try again next year but i have a feeling our boy is going to be more of a hockey lover! ;)

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The Best of Both Worlds said...

So cute! What a big boy! He's growing really fast these days!!!