May 22, 2012

rhys - eight months

well dude, you're happy to be 8 months! ;)

it's weird saying that because i feel like this post is going to be short because everything is still mostly the same from last month, but you just SEEM so much bigger now.

well, one or two big thangs did happen this month! ;)
for starters - you're a crawler!! it's the cutest little crawl ever. one leg is in the normal crawler position and the other, well, it just isn't. so you kind of hobble-crawl, but regardless dude, you get places!

you also got your first tooth on your 8 month birthday! finaaaaalllllyyyy, right?! those suckers were getting so big and swollen, i knew it would happen this month. 

onto the stats - 
height/weight: unsure. i'd say bigger than last month in length, probably the same or less in weight? we don't go back to the doctor until 9 months so i won't know for sure until then!

clothing: dude, for reals. 9 months just don't do it. i pulled out kullens clothes from last summer  and they fit, great! they're mostly 18 months. i mean, it works great because i don't have to buy anything for this summer but sheesh - you're going to be wearing your dads clothes by kindergarten if you keep this up!

diapers: we're still doing CD and doing great. i am mainly putting you in disposables overnight because i don't have to worry about leakage and we had them [leftover] but we're about to run out so i'm going to have to figure something out here! 

food: you have about five bottles a day i would say, which is probably about normal. you're eating breakfast, lunch and dinner. for breakfast you have a bottle, of course, and then oatmeal and a fruit or yogurt. lunch is usually sweet potatoes. and dinner is another veggie with rice cereal and sometimes MAMA AND DADA'S food! ;)  you love to snack on yogurt puffs or just regular puffs. and you're favorite is probably pieces of fresh banana or avocado! anything you can pick up and put your mouth yourself is a winner!

sleep: moving straight on from food - you take a morning nap, usually around 9am. it only lasts about half hour - hour at the longest. then around 11ish, you begin to get sleep again. you'll sleep for two hours or longer as long as you're in your crib! then you're up until bed time - which is usually around 7:30. if we aren't home though, you don't want to sleep which makes for a very grumpy rhys! 

aside from getting a tooth and crawling - not much has changed from last month. you're still fun and love to get wet, slobbery kisses. you love to sit on the floor and play with brother. and you love to be in your walker! 

everyone thinks you look like mama, kid ;) so hearing how cute you are is not only a compliment to you - but me too, dude ;) haha! everyone loves you and i look forward to the next month and all the things you're crawlin' little butt is going to get into!
[baha! so cute, right?!]

don't mind my ridiculous voice! ha!


Crystal Seed said...

Oh goodness I'm dying of the cuteness. He's like the prettiest baby boy EVER!!! And, I can't believe how BIG he is?! It's just crazy because I have been reading since you were pregnant....Like, that's just nuts to me that he's already 8 months old! Holy Shesh!

Molly @ Blonde Out Loud said...

I cannot get over how cute your boys are! They look so much like you.