February 16, 2012


looking forward:

celebrating our BFFL's birthday! happy birthday joeyyyyyyyyyyy! [he's 29 today, eks!]

getting rid of two cars and bringing home ONE new one.
more specifically - a new chevy traverse. 
adam and i are getting grandma to watch the boys on saturday so we can go to VA to look at newbies. 
super excited.
also hoping to swing by tyson's apple store and get a new iphone.

oh, you didnt hear?
yeah - last saturday, while running back to my car 
my iphone slipped out of my jacket pocket and landed on the concrete.
result: severe cracked screen. :(
i guess i should count my blessings that it still works!

playdate on sunday!
i got selected through houseparty [again] to have a pullups potty dance party
i'm excited for some of kullen & rhys' friends to come over
and get their dance on!
also excited to chit chat with my mommy friends! :)

seeing some friends on monday! :)

i'm also looking forward to the next several weekends being pretty busy!
seeing a lot of old friends is on my agenda!
especially my friend heather, who is having her baby shower next sunday.
she's having a little boy and i couldn't be any more happy for her! 
you know i LOVE boys! <3

i'm so excited for what the next few weeks have in store!
spring is right around the corner and it makes me happy :)

counting down to warmer weather
and our trip to FL to see my pea walk down the isle! :)
oh, and PS
guess who's totally potty trained! :)
[high five that paper boyyyy, you deserve it!]

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The Best of Both Worlds said...

I'm going to be SO jealous if you get my chevy traverse. Yes mine! HAHHA jk. Would just make you drive me around in it. Good luck!

The future looks amazing! & just think spring and summer without having to work means lots of time in the sun and playing with your boys!