February 16, 2012

rhys anthony - 5 months!

it's hard for me to believe that it's been FIVE months since you've been here
yet it's hard to remember my life before you. 

you are getting SO big and FUN.
you're little personality is developing more and more each day.
your laugh is SO contagious 
and there is still nobody that can make you laugh like your big brother! ;)

you've done some thangs, dude, at five months!
went to your first CAPS game, woohoo! 

[although you hated it - you can still tell your brother you were younger at your first game than he was at his!]
you've tried applesauce and pears!
you've rolled!!!!
and you've rolled OFF the couch, omg.
[just yesterday actually, eeks. you took it like a champ though - only cried for a minute!]

you're still the happiest baby that i know, though.
you have your moments - and i think they're mainly due to teeth and tum issues
but overall, you're a great kid!

at FIVE months
you're barely fitting in size 2 diapers anymore.
hello size three's!
you're wearing 6-9 month clothing mostly!
you're still eating around 5oz at a time but you will polish off a little over 6 for your last bottle of the day!
as of today, you're seriously EATING baby food - not just wearing it.
i am looking forward to all the new foods this month will bring!

you still hate tummy time but can pick your head up really good.
and you'll roll only when you feel like it!
mostly, you'll do a halfway roll onto your side when on your back!

you're going to bed between 7:30-8:3o and waking around 4am to eat. you go right back to sleep until around 7-8 where you'll wake up, mostly because your brother is loud in the morning! :)

you're starting to sit up more and more. you, 'tripod' a lot and then fall over but when you get yourself sturdy, you love it. you absolutely love to sit on the couch and watch what's going on around you.
you also LOVE the jumper. you are a professional now!
you also love when kullen pushes you around in the walker!

 we love you so much mr. rhys. 
you're an absolute joy and blessing in our lives!


The Best of Both Worlds said...

I love the picture of him laughing! He is so cute!

Crystal Seed said...

He's getting so big! I can't believe it! He's so cute!!!

Jeska said...

Cute pictures mr. rhys :) He's so handsome. I can't believe everything they are up to now! I'm slacking on Addison's 5 month update...

Brandi Curtis said...

Such a handsome little boy. They grow up so fast!