December 13, 2011

day zero

it's been a while since i updated about my day zero project. 
in fact, it wasn't even on my 'pages' anymore. somehow it got reverted back to a draft. no worries, it's back now and update with the tiny bit of progress that i have made! :)

#100 - have another baby.
:check: - rhys anthony. 09.16

#16 - get a tattoo for kullen!
i'll be scheduling an appointment to go back and get rhys added as well :)

#2 - plant my garden
& we actually had success this summer. 
plenty of tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and a few squash!

#93 - open an etsy shop
& i've even sold a few things!!! go me!

4. paint spare bedroom
peek of rhys' room.
yes, i am fully aware that i haven't done a 'nursery reveal' yet 
and he's almost 3 months old. ah!

&& a few others that i've completed that don't have/need picture proof
37. make at least 5 shutterfly books [5/5]
56. go yard saling
63. buy at least 3 things from Etsy [3/3]
69. go on a pinic
73. make ice cream from scratch

i only have about a year left to complete the rest
and there is QUITE a few. 
looking at them now, some seem un-achievable 
but, stranger things have happened ;)


Crystal Seed said...

I have to say that I love your tattoo!! It's SO cute!! I have a tattoo for my girl on my my right side ribs. It's her first and middle name with her birthday. Love it! And I can't wait to see you cross more things off your list!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

I should do this again!

Jeska said...

bout time ;) ha j/k love the new header

Mommy Minded said...

Love your tattoo! I have got to get mine finished. I got the kid's song lyrics, now I just need the white ink part done... One day. ;)