November 28, 2011

rhys - two months!

things have been slightly crazy around here - kids have been sick, holidays, other events .... so my blogging has been slacking. i did, however, take these pictures on the 16th when my boy was exactly two months old! :)

he is SO much more attentive and alert these days! spends a lot more time awake and looking at things all around him. 
he is giving us big smiles A LOT more. we are SO in love with them that we never think to capture them on camera, doh! i'll get them eventually though! 

at two months - he weighs 12lbs and 13oz and is 23in long :)
he is filling out his 3 months clothes and surprised us on thanksgiving by fitting in a 6mo onsies [it was his big brothers from a few thanksgivings ago!]!

he's eating 4oz every couple hours. 
completely in love with his ninny! and his giraffe that makes comforting sounds! 
he is gaining more and more head strength and i love to see him hold it up and looking all around!
and well, he is tolerating his big brother. he adores rhys and definitely doesn't understand that he is smaller and therefore a little more fragile than him! big brother will get it eventually ;) 

all in all, rhys is such a great little boy! he rarely gives me trouble and even when he does, his cute little face makes up for it!

brand new:

one month:
two months:
[i love his smirk!]


Kathy said...

awww, he's so cutee! I love the big brother picture.

Brandi Curtis said...

Loves them.