November 15, 2011


blah, blog funk? lack of time? lazy? sick kids?  ... all of the above? yup.

i rarely have time/energy to bring out the laptop [and usually hunt for the charger because it's typically always dead] and post an actual blog, but with adam working all.the.friggin.time - i have found a little more time on my hands.

so, what have us poags been up too? 
well, mama has started bikram yoga! i took my first class a couple weeks ago with my friend kath and really enjoyed!! so sunday, i went back with a few other friends and thoroughly enjoyed so i signed up for 12 more sessions! those of you not familiar with bikram - it is in a 105 degree room with 26 poses featured and 2 breathing exercises.  and let me tell you, you haven't broken a sweat until you've done this! 

papa poag has been working his you-know-what off. he had to work monday night, tuesday during the AM and now it's tuesday night and he's back at work - and YES, he has to go in wednesday AM. i am hoping he doesn't have to go in tomorrow night because he not only has class, we have hardly seen him! 

toddler poag - sick sick sick. we took him to mygym for the first time in six weeks on saturday and i felt like everyone in the building was snotty and sick. i thought maybe i was just being paranoid because i haven't been around kids [other than my own] in weeks! but sure enough, my boy gets sick. he ran a fever for a little over a day and has been so congested! if he could only blow his nose he might be okay but he hasn't quite mastered [or even learned, haha] that one yet! 

infant poag - growing! although big brother has been snotting all over him, he seems to have fought off this sickness. although, i know he isn't feeling 100% because he's been fussy/sneezing/coughing - we luckily, haven't had any fever! we did, however, have his first fever on friday when he got his 2 months shots! AH! i'll be posting a 2 month blog tomorrow all about his stats and appointment and growth!

so that about sums up all the important stuff. ;)
we're looking forward to thanksgiving! we may even be staying local on the day of and traveling to my grandparents new home in VA on friday. fingers crossed my little sissy comes with my dad!
also looking forward to family pictures, a caps game, a fun birthday party for kullen, shopping parties aaaaaand christmas! =D we've yet to name our 'elf on a shelf' but plan to get on that ASAP. kullen isn't quite old enough to pick out a 'elfed' name but i'm sure we'll come up with something! 

happy tuesday. hoping my big boy is all better tomorrow and my soon-to-be 2 month old cooperatives for pictures tomorrow! :)

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The Best of Both Worlds said...

& she blogs!!! YAY! I feel like I have no idea what you guys are up to! Hope baby poags feel better soon!