November 9, 2011

burts bees!

i know everyone has heard of burt's bees before. typically, it's the lip product that we've all come to know [and love!]. but do you know they also have facial products? i didn't until given the opportunity to test them out!

i typically never stray from my same brand of face wash because the change always makes me break out or dry out badly. since the burt's bees was for 'sensitive skin' i figured that i would give it a try anyway! [not to mention it was free!]
i REALLY enjoyed the switch! the wash didn't leave my face feeling dry afterwards nor did it feel overly oily! it felt just fine. i was also given the lotion for sensitive skin and although i didn't feel like i needed to lotion after washing my face, i did anyway. again, my face didn't feel too mosturized or oily after using it.

it's been a few weeks and i haven't had any breakouts or complications from switching up my face wash! 
i think burt's bees has a new facial product supporter over here!
i gave a few friends some samples - hopefully they enjoy it as much as i do!! 

[i received product and coupons through BzzAgent]

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