October 3, 2011

rhys - birth story

as i mentioned in THIS post
i was scheduled for induction on the morning of 09-16
but went in the night before for cervidil

all went smooth that thursday night
i got to the hospital and got everything started
adam arrived a little bit later
with dinner :)
we watched tv and relaxed 
all the while, i was having mild contractions.
i fell asleep around 11:30-midnight 

around 1:30, i was woken up by a contraction
i never went back to sleep.
i spent the remainder of the night laboring.
at first, it wasn't so bad
i was able to remain in bed, at least.
but by around 4:00am, i was literally jumping out of the bed 
with every contraction.
i guess i was having back labor so all the pressure was in my tail bone. 
i would unplug my monitors and 'go to the bathroom'
sit on my exercise ball 
 or just stand and sway back and forth
nothing relieved the pain.

around 4:45, the nurse checked me 
and i was only 1cm.
ONLY 1CM. good grief. 
she let me take the cervidil out and asked if i wanted pain meds
i refused, for the 100th time
[don't ask me why, haha]

within minutes, i was begging for everything under the sun!
the nurse said she could give me stadol 
i agreed, reluctantly.
she said it wasn't a narcotic [although internet says otherwise]
and that it wouldn't take away the pain but would help me sleep through it.
what a CROCK.
oh, i slept alright - for 2 minutes at a time
until i was woken up by the worlds strongest contractions! 
finally, i'd had enough of that and begged for the epidural 
around 6:30am the anesthesiologist came in 
and gave me that sweet relief!

my doctor showed up around 7:30am 
to check on me and get my pitocin started
boy, i was glad i got that epidural considering i was only 1cm a few hours ago!
so, doctor checks and immediately his eyes go to the nurses
i knew something was up!
'she's 8-9 and her water is bulging'
ahem, what did you just say???
i could not believe it.
here i was, an hour into the epi
and ready to GO!
talk about being mad at myself for caving.

so, my doctor says to 'sit tight' 
[as if i had a choice now]
that he had to go check on his scheduled patient but would be back!
so, i got my make up out - freshened myself up and text the fam!
at 8:14am, i began pushing
there were a TON of nurses in the room but they were amazing supporters!
they brought me the mirror so i could see little rhys come into this world!
at 8:33am, he was born.
it was amazing! 

they laid him on my chest immediately and asked for our cameras!
we were so unprepared that my battery wasn't even IN my camera! 
thank God for cell phones, right?!
adam cut the cord and i continued to hold my baby!
they finally asked if i wanted him to be weighed and measured
oh, duh  - of course i do!
8lbs, 7.6 oz and 21 1/2 in long!

the rest of our hospital stay was short, but great!
we were discharged a little over 24hrs later

 the entire time that we were there, was great.
we weren't overloaded with visitors this time 
and the nurse/staff were simply amazing.
it was definitely a different experience than my last!
rhys remained with us 24/7
[with the exceptions of assessments and baths!]

all in all
my labor this go round was perfect.
next time, i think i'll skip all that hard labor/natural crap 
and just go straight to the epidural ;] 
i gave it a go, almost accomplished it and still don't know WHY i wanted that!
pain vs no pain? 
i'll take no pain, please! ;]


MandeeFoFandee said...

ahhhh! even though I already know the birth story (including the gory details you failed to mention here, haha), I got chills reading it.

I think next time, you can skip the drama with the no pain meds, ahha!

either way, Rhys is perfect and you did a wonderful job cookin' him in your belly! :)

Lindsay said...

I can't believe you progressed that fast! And you only had to push for 18 minutes!?!?! Jealous!