September 7, 2011

on inducing labor ...

i'm here to tell you
nothing works.
[insert negative nancy comments here]

although having rhys on his due date 
or before/after by a day
would probably work out best for everyone
i really want him now.
and since i can't have him NOW
having him on saturday - 09.10.11
would be awesomeeee, right?
what a neat birthday.

since this weekend was a day longer
and we got everything accomplished that NEEDED to be done
i decided to go ahead and start trying all those natural induction methods
guess who's still pregnant?

so, what did we try?
here goes:

i read many articles on this
and how it doesn't really INDUCE labor but helps prep
but many a woman swore after drinking it for 24-48hrs
they went into labor!
well - 13 cups later, still not in labor.
at least it tasted good!

yep, saturday night we ordered chinese
and LOTS of it
and extra spicy
and nothing happened.

3. sex/walking

not going into detail on this one
since it's pretty self-explanatory! 

[for fun]
monday night
i made eggplant parmesean
it was delicious 
within an hour of eating it - contractions began
they were 5 minutes apart and lasted over 2hrs!
i thought that i might have found the trick 
but the contractions never got closer together or more intense
actually, i was able to fall asleep.
i woke up a few times during the night to contractions
and still had them the following morning when i got up to get ready for work.
i decided to stay home, just in case.

i ate an entire fresh pineapple tuesday morning for breakfast
i thought since the eggplant had jump started contractions
pineapple might just help to finish up the job
not quite
contractions actually became slower at this point and more far apart.

that's my theory on self induction

i have tried just about everything out there
short of castrol oil
which i don't WANT to try because it's not very safe supposedly
and causes diarrhea - which i don't want!
plus, the reality is
that it's just NOT that serious
i am not even 40 weeks yet
at this point, i realize that i'm being selfish and am just over being pregnant

the funny thing is
i told myself when i first got pregnant
that i wouldn't push induction and would stay pregnant [if i had control over it]
until 40 weeks
because there is a reason we [as women] are pregnant that long!

my rationalization was this:
say 40 weeks comes - and still no rhys
and they want to induce me, medically
i would kick myself in the tail for not trying the 'natural' ways
so i figured it couldn't hurt to BEGIN trying now that i'm full term

i guess, i just got my hopes up
especially after monday night/eggplant/contractions!
but, the fact is i'm still pregnant
and still healthy
and for that, i should be grateful!

i do have a doctors appointment tomorrow afternoon
so i will know if any of the above methods has softened/opened my cervix anymore
but knowing my luck, i'm still only 1cm
[negative nancyyyyyy, negative nancccyyyyyy]

i also think at tomorrow's appointment 
i will go over induction 
i don't wish to go PASSED my due date
so i think i will ask to be induced on the 19th or 20th or even the 21st 

i am just really OVER coming to work 
and sitting in a chair for 8hrs
while people continually ask 
'no baby yet?'
'feeling alright?'
'is the baby coming???'

i'd rather sit at home and be miserable 
than have tons of people in my face that have no clue what i'm going through! 

anyone have any other suggestions that i haven't tried that you swear by??
i'm willing to try it all ;)
after all - anything natural is better than pitocin/medical induction!


Jeska said...

Ha you've been doing a lot! 9.10.11 would be a cool bday! Darn, I'll have to try some things haha. Good luck tomorrow, let me know how it goes!
I like the updated header :)

Anonymous said...

haha i tried it all! nothing worked and i went a week over my due date and they induced me. i ended up getting an epidural and slept through most of my labor. as far as childbirth goes, it was kind of a piece of cake. best of luck on your big day!!

Emily said...

Also speaking from experience. I'm not sure if you were induced with your first precious boy; I just had my baby girl in June and was induced. It wasn't as bad as I thought. Try a pedicure. Nothing at all worked for me either. Little Rhys will come out when he's good and ready and then, sometimes, you might want to put him right back in :)
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