August 30, 2011

tuesday ten!

happy tuesday!
i'm linking up with miss mommy today
for her tuesday ten linky party!

Miss Mommy

we get to pick ten things
and blog about them!
of course, i wanted to steal her idea
and blog about 10 pinterest DIY's i'm dying to complete
or just 10 pinterest related things
[since i'm obsessed!]
but i decided to go another route!

10 things i need/want to complete before rhys is born:

1. steam clean the carpet in his room.
it's disgusting.
our cat used to like, live, in that room and after we moved everything out
we discovered a multitude of throw up and pee stains.
[i warned you it was disgusting]
so yeah, that needs to be cleaned up ASAP!

2. finish the mobile as seen here.
i picked up the paint chips this weekend
thank you, lowes
and began to pop out the circles but didn't have a chance to finish.
it will be at the top of my list 
for upcoming long weekend projects!

3. get a mani/pedi
i obviously want to do this right away
but in fear that little stubborn boy won't be here for another three weeks
i will wait a week or two before going.
i'm thinking something along the navy blue lines
so my nails will be gender appropriate ;)

4. buy a nursing bra.
i have a multitude of nursing tank tops 
but not one single bra.
i now realize that when i gave birth to kullen
i was bra-less during my hospital stay and many visits
although i'm sure nobody noticed
i don't know how i did it!
i definitely want to fix myself up a little more this go 'round
and at least be somewhat presentable during my stay
and afterwards also!!
PLUS - i don't want to send my husband to buy a bra
after rhys is born! 
that is just ASKING for trouble! ;)

5. get the last few things from our registry.
those things being:
-breast pump
-video monitor [still undecided about]
-sit and stand stroller
-co-sleeper bassinet/packNplay [also undecided about]
-curtains [not on registry but are a needed item]

*we are undecided about the video monitor because adam might want to just get a video surveillance set up - you know, the ones you put outside your house with multiple cameras. putting a camera in rhys' room, kullen's room and the other outside. so we can see all at once via one monitor. i like the idea so in that case, we'd just have to buy one more sound monitor to go in rhys' room!
we're also undecided about the co-sleeper bassinet because my dad and his wife are getting us the rock and play sleeper and we are thinking we can just use that! [which is likely what we will do!]

6. clean my house.
oh my Lord, do i need to clean.
i feel like i JUST had the place spic and span a few weeks ago
but now it looks like a earthquake/hurricane [haha] went through the place!
i really want to get this done before i go into labor
so i don't come home to a filthy house
but it's SO exhausting doing the simplest of tasks
[sweeping, bending over to pick up toys, scrubbing, organizing]
i'm out of breath just typing it. 
anyone wanna surprise me with maid services?? ;)

7. wash bottles/clothes/ninnies
even though i plan on breastfeeding,
i still want the bottles out of storage, clean and organized
just in case!
the last thing i want to do is go on a scavenger hunt for bottle/bottle parts
with a newborn and a toddler tugging at me!
basically - i just want everything out/clean/ready
so when i need it, it's there!

8. get a hair cut/trim and dye.
i haven't had a haircut since november.
yes, you read it right, NOVEMBER.
i don't want anything drastic because i really am letting my hair grow
but i need a trim and maybe a cute little style
i'm thinking this - which is really close to what my hair already looks like
and of course, the dye job i'll handle on my own! ;)

9. hang shelves, pictures and other decor in his room.
most of that is pending other things [cleaning carpets, putting away diapers, etc ..]
but shelves are bought and put together
and most decor is purchased as well
it's just a matter of putting it all up and organizing the entire room!
again, at the top of my t0-do list for this long weekend coming up!

10. finish my rhys-related DIY's!
which include:
- boppy cover [white/blue/green owl print!]
-crochet owl hat with matching diaper cover
-mobile from #2
-cut/sew/stuff sock monkey
-tie-dye/decorate white onsies from baby shower
 -make the month-iversary decals for onsies, at least 0 months to take pic in hospital
-crochet cocoon for pictures
-crochet a couple more diaper covers

so, there you have it
my ten things i REALLY want completed before labor occurs.
who knows, i may have three+ weeks
but i may only have a week
at this point
panic is beginning to set in, realizing how much i still have to do before his arrival.
don't get me wrong
if he comes today, we will get by without 
but, you know, i'd like to have everything complete!

what's your tuesday ten?
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