August 4, 2011

big man! pt 3

well, it's our third night of kullen in his big boy room/bed
things are getting better and better each night!

last night - we were slightly thrown off, but in a good way.
kullen hung out with us, in our room/bed until 9pm
[until after big brother!]
once it was over, we asked him if he wanted to go in his room
and read a story or two.
he quickly obliged! 

he picked two books but of course, pulled a kullen
and didn't let me finish reading them
so i put the books away and told him it was time for sleep.
we turned the light off and he cried for a minute
but within 10 minutes, he was out!
our shortest time yet!

around 3:30
-which seems to be the every night wake-up time-
he began to cry and whine so i went in and laid with him.
i, of course, fell asleep and was woken up to adam opening the door around 4:20
big dummy [lybabe] didn't turn the hallway light off
so kullen awoke too

so, aside from being up almost an hour before i had to be
and trying to fight with kullen to go back to bed
this transition is going better than i thought.

this weekend we will be putting the TV in his room
and letting him watch a movie before bed.
i figure it's best to try it out on a weekend
in case he's up for hours watching tv and/or playing in his room.
but, let me just say
i doubt it will go over well
him being alone in his room, i mean. 

something else BIG regarding kullen and sleep
he has gone without his ninny since sleeping in his bed!
there has been one IN his bed
but every time i go in there, it's either in his hand or on the bed somewhere
never in his mouth.
and this morning when he was awake and i was fighting to get him back to sleep
he did cry for ninny
but i didn't give it to him!
i am not taking it away from him totally, just yet
but we are starting with baby steps
and i think it's going well!

if we could just get the boy potty trained!

i have no 'embrace' picture for this week
i'm just too tired to even push the shutter button to even take a pic! HA!

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Diana said...

Bryce just starting sleeping in his own bed all night long... and he's 5... so I know how you feel! Way to be strong though :) And good luck! I think the TV might helped, it helped big time with Bryce! Good luck!!