August 3, 2011

big man! pt 2

another successful night in the poag house :)

although mama is still SUPER tired - i was only up twice with kullen
and one of them was unnecessary!
i was woken up around 1:00am to a crying boy
i jumped up and went to his room ...
only to find him sound asleep in his bed!
he must have did one of those 'cry in my sleep' bits 
and just fell back asleep super quick!
so back to bed mama went!

around 3:30am - i heard 'mama?' coming through the monitor
i went into his room to find him at the end of his bed, about ready to get down!
[he was gonna come find hims mama! haha]
i crawled in his bed and he crawled back up to the pillows and went right back to sleep!
it was easy as pie, really!

the hardest part of it all is getting him to sleep. 
we don't want to shock/scare/ruin him by leaving him in there alone
so the hub and i both decided we'd go in there with him until he falls asleep
at least for a little bit
once he is comfortable with sleeping through the night in his bed
we will work on the other. 
[backwards? what do you guys think?!]

we let him hang out with us until it's 'bed time'
which is usually between 8-8:30
we go in his room, get him dressed and tell him to pick a few books
we 'read' said books and once we're through - it's lights out time.
both nights he has cried but last night was much shorter/tamer than the previous
it only took him around 20 minutes to fall asleep 
and for us to sneak out, back into our room!

i'm curious to see how tonight goes 
as i must be in front of a TV at 8:00pm for big brother!
do i dare let daddy attempt the bed time routine alone?
[i'm sure i'd hear the mama screams through sound-proof walls]
or do i keep him up until 9:00pm when big brother is over?
or do i risk it and do our normal routine and let tivo capture big brother
and just stay up later than normal to watch?!

i feel selfish even typing that. :/
kid comes first and i know that
and all of this is my own fault for not starting this sooner.
who waits until a kid is over 2 yrs old to 'sleep train'?
this girl. 

we'll see how it goes.
i think we're definitely going to try the TV out here soon. 
it will either go well and he'll be content laying in there watching a movie
or it'll keep him up and he'll think it's okay to get down from his bed
and play with his toys/books/etc ... 

stay tuned ... 
and just for some eye pleasure:
hehe, they look funnay to me ;]

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