July 11, 2011

thirty weeks!!!

another week down!
& reality is that i'll only have like TEN more of these posts! 
[they painted the bathroom at work so no more bright orange stalls!]

things are good round these parts!
rhys has moved up slightly 
so that horrrrrible pressure that i was having
has ceased a bit! 
it has caused a different type of pain/discomfort though.
as he has shifted, his kicks are now super high
and HURT! 
either that, or this kid is a giant that is already like 2ft in length! 

his room is ready to be painted!!!
adam stripped/mudded/sanded over the weekend
so all we have to do is pick paint [and a ceiling fan]
and get 'er done!
i am REALLY excited about it
[not that it hasn't already BUT]
it's REALLY starting to feel real now! :)

still suffering from:
indegestion/heartburn. [ugh]
middle-of-the-night leg/calf cramps!
frequent urination.
pregnancy brain. & it seems to be getting worse.
exhaustion. [though, not as bad as 1st trimester]
& probably plenty of other things that i can't remember and will attribute to pregnancy brain!

&& for s's and g's:
 30 weeks pregnant with kullen                                    30 weeks pregnant with rhys

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