July 11, 2011

i want to ...

-make my own laundry soap! as seen here

-make my own cleaning agents [de-greaser, all purpose, etc ...] as seen here

-be crafty and make things like this and this for my door.
                   and things like this and this and this for my rhys.
                   and things like this and this and this and this for my kullen.
                   and just NEATO things like this and this and this.

-be supermom and have amazing organization skills like this or this.

-have a super awesome blog like this girl and this one anddddd this one! [just to name a few]

-make my own deodorant! as seen here!

-be a SAHM so i can do fun crafts like this and this with kullen [and rhys]!

-make my own dishwasher soap and store it in a cute little jar like this!

-do THIS! especially in my kitchen!

-be an amaaaazing cook and have even more amaaazing recipes like this girl or this one!

-make adorable crochet gifts for friends - such as this or this or this!

-these curtains!

-make my own cloth diapers! as seen here!

-have long, beautiful hair so i can do all of these!

and i know
there is nothing holding me back, but myself!
[& maybe the hub - he's not into the 'making my own' stuff. according to him, he'd rather pay the extra money for detergent/cleaners - psh, whatev.]
all of these are idea's that i found on pinterest
stupid, stupid website! ;]



MandeeFoFandee said...

I vote we get together and make big batches of home cleaners and split it up! and then if we get really good at it, we can give it away as gifts during Christmas time! AND not only are we saving money, but we're saving the Earth too.


The Best of Both Worlds said...

Mandee has the right idea!! I love this post? I see someone had alot of time on there hands to do this post haha. I so want my closets to be organized like that & I also love A Sorta Fairytale blog : )