July 15, 2011

pinterest find fail

i peeped this all over pinterest recently
and knew it was something i wanted to do for both kids rooms.
kullen and i made a trip to our local craft store
and picked up canvases, scrapbook sticker letters and paints!

after arranging & rearranging the letters 294830923 times
i finally got them lined up and straight!
the hub and i painted the canvases a solid 'base' color
with the main purpose being to keep the letters 'stuck' to the canvas
[they kept lifting and i knew kullen would get paint underneath!]
after re-reading the original blogger who did this
i realize she used glue/paste to keep the letters down. 
this is what i get for not reading good enough!

i was pretty upset about the letters STILL lifting 
but the hub said we should go ahead and let kullen do his thang
and if they didn't turn out as planned - we can always do it again!

well, yeah - i don't think they turned out quite as planned
but i'm still unsure if i want to do it again.
i almost like the un-perfectness. it suites us!
& kullen had a blast using 'paaaainkkk!!'

cleaning himself up.
someone doesn't like to be dirty! ;]
the final product.
as you can tell - the green 'base' paint job bled through 
onto the canvas
and paint got underneath some of the e
aaannd somehow the u in 'douglas' got crooked
but - it's not horrid, i guess.
maybe i'll do it again - maybe i won't!

we also did one for rhys' room, using his colors
but you'll have to wait until the nursery reveal to see the final product! ;]


The Best of Both Worlds said...

Awesome idea! I just got 2 canvas' for Chloe's room they are hung but blank. I dunno what i wanna do yet.

Anonymous said...

after seeing this idea on Pintrest, I decided to try it too and the SAME THING happened to me. I tried both removable and permanent letters and both peeled up :(