July 15, 2011

friday loves

[to give credit where it's due, i stole mandee's banner! she introduced me to the whole 'friday love' posts and i think everyone should do it! and, in turn, she should  make it a weekly linky party!]
happy friday :)

i am really looking forward to this weekend
my little dude will be spending almost the entire day with his grandma
kNa will be getting some major thing accomplished on saturday!
or, maybe we'll spend the entire day at the pool and have us a romantic dinner.
back to my loves:

seriously, addicted.

starbucks VIA ready brew iced coffee in caramel flavor.
and of course an old starbucks cup! ;]
maybe i should invest in a reusable plastic one. ahem!

i am got my first organic fruit/veggie box delivered today!
they don't deliver to my home area just yet
but luckily they deliver to the DC area and agreed to deliver to my work!
super excited!
anyone in the area - check them out HERE - can't beat the price!
& my organic friend kath said you can't beat the product, either!


la buena vida'ss BQOTD - HERE!
what do YOU think?!
i gave my opinion on her site and wonder if anyone else feels the same way?


so many of my favorite TV shows are back on! 

i am likely missing something else here ... 
but these are my absolute favies :D

rhys <3
he has been over-active this week
[probably from my caffeine intake :/]
and aside from his punches/kicks/karate-style moves hurting me
it's nice to feel him so much!
it's also nice that he's moved up a tad therefore relieving the pelvic pressure that i was having
for being 9 weeks away from delivery
i'm feeling better than i thought!

my giiiiiirl joss has a new cd coming out on the 26th.

i know it's not THIS week but i found out this week
i caught her performance on leno and cannot WAIT for this cd! <3
i also found out this week that she is part of Mick Jagger's newly created group
that album is set to be released in September!

i'm lovin that i have a billion ideas floating in my head
from cleaning & organizing to creating and DIYing.
in fact, i've been thinking about them all week and how i will do them ALL on saturday.
and then i can laugh at myself knowing that i probably won't get to half of them!
i think about making curtains and updating my picture walls
i think about closet organizing and well, just organizing in general. 
stay tuned for a disappointment post explaining how i only have so many hours in a day
and it takes FAR more than a few hours to get everything that i want accomplished ;]

my two boys <3 
can't forget about them!
they keep me mad, happy and on my toes
& i wouldn't have it any other way!

i'm LOVING that my weekend starts in 40 minutes :)
happy weekend everyone! 

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The Best of Both Worlds said...

Hope you had a great weekend! & got some things done!