June 15, 2011

there's nothing sweeter ...

than a man who loves his son!
i know this is supposed to be 'wordless wednesday'
just a few won't hurt!
it makes me smile knowing how great of a father adam is
and how much he loves our son with all of his being. 
i know not every guy is like him
so it makes me extra happy/thankful/lucky to know i got one of those 'good dad' men!

helps that they're kinda cute too! ;]


Kaylee said...

Awhh, these are so sweet!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

You are lucky!! Well Kullen and Baby R are lucky!

There are some not so wordless wednesday I just hopped in on. you should link up girlie hahah

& your baby picture from Monday, I got it from your mom haha