May 10, 2011

twenty-one weeks!

How far along: twenty one weeks :) 
i ♥ the number twenty one!
Baby: is the length of a banana, woah. 

Total Weight Gained: i honestly haven't checked. at my last doc appt. - i had gained 3 lbs which put my back at my start weight. so i'm sure the pounds are packing on now :(
Sleep: is still one of my favorite things. i feel like i never lost that 'first trimester' sleepiness entirely. 
Maternity Clothes: i need some capri's and/or shorts for the summer. right now i'm basically rockin my pre-pregnancy clothing with the ever-so-wonderful-yet-already-stretching-out belly band.
Best Moment of the Week: deciding on his name!
Food Cravings: spicy foods, for sure!
Aversions: dare i say steak? ek! [although, to clarify - it's not really an aversion - i will still eat it, i'd just CHOOSE something else if given the opportunity?]
Symptoms: ugh, everything under the sun.
Movement: quite often. he's a very active baby. first thing when i get up, around breakfast time, after lunch and especially at night!
Gender: boy, BIG boy!
What I miss: feeling normal and thin. haha
What I'm looking forward to: um, having him already! HAHA!
Weekly Wisdom: take it easyyyyy!
Milestones: naming him? 
that's all i got!

random pregnancy updates:
- little boy is NAMED! rhys anthony for those who missed :) i have been telling people that it could still change but yesterday while watching some movies on netflix - i saw the name 'rhys' TWO different times on TWO different movies! so i feel like it's 'meant to be'! :)
- i have decided on the room dilemma. kullen will be remaining in his jungle themed room with a big boy bed [just need a headboard/footboard for him] and rhys will have a totally new room.  i plan on selling kullen's jungle crib stuff [since he can't use it on his new bed]. rhys is going to probably have a blue/grey room and i don't plan on purchasing a standard 'crib set' since i do not have one that i like or feel suits him [call me crazy, whatev]. i'm going to make my own bumper if i can't find a solo one [or, ahem, have my nana help me make one] and just get plain [grey and/or blue] crib sheets. same goes for curtains [which i never even used in kullens room], diaper hanger, mobile, etc .. i have a great vision and hopefully can put it to life.
- 99.9% sure that i will be buying him a new dresser. i have one that i originally talked of refurbishing but i don't think i'm even going to bother with it.  it's a great dresser - just not what i have in mind for his room. knowing me, he will probably get the same exact dresser as kullen, to keep things fair! ;]
- I.FEEL.HUGE. i really don't know WHAT it is because when i look at myself in the mirror and/or at pictures of myself - i don't appear to be THAT large but dude - i feel like i'm housing a whale over here! i am always out of breath and feel as if i'm moving slowly. getting up from a sitting position seems like its harder than it should be. i remember when i was 21 weeks pregnant with kullen, i felt great. now if i overwork myself even SLIGHTLY - boy do i feel it. 
- i am also feeling a little anxiety. for some odd reason, i just feel like i am going to have him early - significantly early that is. we have done absolutely NOTHING and i'm panicking about it. i have all my thoughts and ideas together so i just need to get a move on them and get SOME things ready just in case. hopefully this 'feeling' that i'm having is totally wrong. i feel like i'm having tiny contractions already but i'm hoping it's just stretching/growing that is making me feel that way! 

happy twenty-one weeks rhys <3 
i already feel like you're totally different from your brother - even if you DO look like him! ;] 
you are such a blessing already and we can't wait to meet your beautiful face! 


Anonymous said...

I love the name!!
We are making Harper's crib bumpers and crib skirt too because I just can not find anything that I think suits her that isn't ridiculously expensive!
You look great :)

MandeeFoFandee said...

trust me, peach, you are NOT huge! you look wonderful and pregnant! him's is just getting comfy in there... he's got a lot of baking to do before he'll be ready to arrive, don't worry!

I love him already and I cannot wait to meet him! :)

Unknown said...

I think you feel contractions earlier with your second (braxton hicks ones). I've been feeling them for a while... and I'z still pregnant ;) haha. You don't look huge at all to me. I'm huge.