May 10, 2011

mothers day

mother's day. 
May 08, 2011

i am thankful for this little guy for making me a a mother. 
he, unknowingly, has made me a better person
and i can't imagine a life without him.

i am thankful for this woman. 
obviously, without her, i wouldn't be here 
but without her - i wouldn't know how to be a mother.
she, (also) unknowingly, taught me how to be a mother just by doing so herself. 

i am also thankful for my MIL. 
she is a great woman and without her, obviously, adam wouldn't be here.
she raised him right [mostly, hehe] and taught him how to treat his family.

i am thankful for my husband 
who has blessed me with one amazing little boy and another one on the way!
i'm lucky he takes care of me - even if he doesn't get me a super fancy mothers day present
[there's always next year, right?]
i still love him, i guess ;]

i am thankful that i am a mother :)
thankful for the other little boy that i am already blessed with!
can't wait two be holding [in my arms!] two little fella's next May! 

we had a great mother's day!
we took our mom's to Rod N Reel - located in Chesapeake Beach. 
they had an amazing brunch buffet - mama got her eat on :)
we gave them their gifts - the MIL definitely enjoyed hers [which was a belated birthday gift as well - a kindle!]
my momma got hooked up with Tastefully Simple and Starbucks - she's super easy to please!
afterwards - we spent the day relaxing and watching movies.
i enjoyed the company of my boys!

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Diana said...

Happy Mother's Day :) Sounds like you enjoyed it, you deserve it and Kullen is lucky to have a great momma like you :)