May 26, 2011

rhys update

yes, i know
i missed a week!
i just haven't had much to update on
and the answers to the 'weekly update' questions 
are becoming a bit repetitive. 
today, i'm 23wks 3 days
and feeling around 30 weeks pregnant.

i'm up now a total of eight pounds! 
but, considering i hadn't begun to gain anything
[only lost]
it's not entirely awful. 
eight pound weight gain at roughly six months pregnant
isn't TOO bad.
my doctor assured me that the horrible pressure that i'm feeling
will gradually get better with the pregnancy
unlike most pregnancy issues
that only get worse with time.
there is SOME light at the end of the tunnel
we've still made no progress on his room
and yes, we know
times' a tickin'
but we decided to wait until after vacation
and kullen's 2nd birthday
to really crack down on it.
meanwhile - i'm having fun browsing and pinning
ideas on pinterest
rhys is already so different from kullen
kullen seemed to be my peaceful womb baby
[quite the opposite now-a-days]
and rhys is my very active womb baby.
when/if i wake up during the night
that boy is UP and letting me know.
luckily, it would take a monsoon to keep me from sleep
so he doesn't keep me up! 
and there are only a few times during the day 
where little rhys is NOT active and moving around. 
i am still craving spicy and sweet food! 
jalapeno's on my salads are a must!
chocolate cake or ice cream after dinner
also a must :/
don't judge me! 
walking and standing for long periods of time
are no fun for mama!
i feel like my legs/ankles are the size of bowling balls
even when they aren't. 
i try to remember not to over-do anything! 
with kullen - i was able to do everything
even 36 weeks pregnant! 
not this go 'round ladies and gents
it's just not gonna happen!
it's going to be a longggggggggggggggggggggg summer!
lastly -
i wanted to end with a picture of me pregnant with kullen
at/around 22-23 weeks.
many people have said that i am smaller now
than i was with kullen
whatcha' think? 

this is me pregnant with kullen at 23 weeks:

i guess the difference isn't too noticeable.
i, of course, will notice it more than anyone else
and believe me when i say that i FEEL heavier.
and my bellay IS larger now
than i was at 23 weeks with kullen!

it's a little weird though
in the above picture [of me pregnant now]
i look bigger at 22 weeks than at 23 weeks. 
must be the shirt ;]


Diana said...

Happy 23 Weeks :) You look great!

Steph said...

You have the cutest prego belly ever! I definitely think you show more now then with kullen...and I love that he's got so much personality already. I cant wait to meet him!! :D You have a perfect little family girl and I couldn't be any more happy for you guys :)