May 27, 2011


friday <3
just a little post of things that i'm lovin'

we're leaving tomorrow bright & early
to head to myrtle beach for a week! :)
this will be me ALL WEEK LONG:

my thirty-one bag(s)
that i stupidly forgot to take pictures of!
but they came just in time for our beach trip
and i couldn't be any happier about it!


cotton candy gelati from rita's.
oh my heavens. 


THIS website.
let's face it - i'm NOT good with money.
i have it, i spend it, end of story.
i don't WANT to be that way.
i'd like to be a saver and a planner and i think this site might really help me!
and on top of it all - it's FREE!
discovering [easily] how much we spend on grocery, restaurants, coffee, etc ..
really kind of made me sick
i know it's possible for us to save A LOT right now
which will help if i ever want to quit the J-O-B 
to be a SAHM!

this ladies fabulous blog
she is doing 30 days of 30 hairstyles and they are ALL amazing.
not only that
she gives tutorials!
i just wish my wig would grow a little bit faster
because my hair is just a SMIDGE short for most of these! 
i especially love the bow-tie pony!

and lastly -
i LOVE my boys!
ad, crazy kullen [who is seriously, crazy]
and of course
rhys :)
have a good weekend loves!


Stephanie said...

LOVE Myrtle Beach! We're trying to plan our very first family vacation for this summer and we're hoping to go. Haven't been anywhere since our last visit to Myrtle 2 years ago. Yikes! I'm so jealous that you'll be at the beach next week!

Also, I love So handy!

Have a great trip!

Stephanie said...

Andplusalso, I'm LOVING the 30 hairstyles in 30 days that you shared. Awesome! Thanks!