April 28, 2011

a second birthday?

seriously. already? UGH. 
kullen's first birthday was ALL me - since he wasn't old enough to officially be 'into' anything yet!
we, of course, went with the 'rock star' theme. 
i debated doing something similar again this year but decided against it.

he is a whole YEAR older and definitely has his interests.
after contemplating those [which include: elmo, cars/trucks/buses, Capitals, dogs, yo gabba gabba and/or monkeys] i decided to go with yo gabba gabba!

i don't want to just order all the cheesy crap from the party site; i want it to be creative and his own! 
& i'm not wasting money on themed plates, cups, napkins again! i'll just do plain colors that coordinate with my decor because let's face it - who gives a hoot about plates!

i shamelessly stole all these from etsy and plan on purchasing some and of course some DIY. [like the banner, come on - i can do that, right!]
i'm also contemplating purchasing the silhouette SD machine, finally. 
this will help me on the DIY stuff!

whatcha' think? ;]


[similar banner - probably what i'll go with]

[invite - will be purchasing and printing myself]

[gift bags!]


[favor lollipops!]

[animal cracker favors with DJ Lance's boom box cut out on front!]

[cupcake graphics]

[ok - how awesome would i be if i crocheted these little dolls for the kids as favors!]

how about these cakes??!
dude, that first one would be SWEEEEET!
[images courtesy google images]

anyone else have some super creative birthday idea's?!
yo gabba gabba themed, of course?
maybe my husband will paint himself black and dress up as DJ Lance! 

click click click!
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christina said...

up till a couple months ago, i would have no clue what this was about. i was so missing out on YO GABBA GABBA!! i think i like the show more than my Lovie!
i totally think you could pull off a party w/out buying all themed crap- especially with YGG and the colors! easy! have a blast

The Best of Both Worlds said...

LOVE THIS POST : ) I can't wait for lil mans 2nd birthday! You can totally do all of this. And if you want a cake lady I have a few.

Diana said...

I love all of your ideas, so creative!

rene said...

OMg if you need help,....you know i LOVE crafting :)