April 4, 2011

march of dimes!

i am very excited to be participating in the March of Dimes this year.
our team name is Gianna & the Baby Steppers! I am sure you all remember my post about baby Gianna. She is the daughter of one of my very best friends (and kullen's sitter) and is very special to me and our family! kullen loves her to death and lights up whenever you say her name! she is his little girlfriend, that's for sure! ;]

we are walking in her honor but also in honor of every other baby born before their time. Although Gianna is a healthy baby girl today, if it weren't for March of Dimes and other walkers donating their time and money in the past, her family would have had an even more difficult time during the entire process!

i know a lot of you guys aren't local but if you wanted to give a little donation to help us - it is more than appreciated!

also - Ashley is offering up 25% of Scentsy sales to the March of Dimes! if you're running low on scents or need some new summer styles - head on over to her site and make sure you select March of Dimes when checking out! :)

and PLEASE - feel free to pass this along! we'd love the help and support from anyone and everyone who can! :]

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