April 2, 2011

fifteen weeks :)

 happy 15 weeks! :)

How Far Along: currently: 15wks, 5days. picture was taken at 15wks 2days!
Total Weight Gained: none! i've lost weight? haha
Sleep: i'll still take it when i can get it but i seem to be getting more energy and feeling more awake.
Best Moment of the Week: hearing the heartbeat <3
Food Cravings: ice cream cones.
Food Aversions: eh, nothing new aside from eggs.
Symptoms: weird cravings. like a hot dog with chocolate syrup.
Hubby's Symptoms: nada. ch.
Movement: yes, on the inside. not so much the outside. i think i felt hiccups today!
Gender: don't know but now i'm thinking girl, whereas before i thought boy! haha
What I miss: coffee, still. and my breath. i feel like i'm always breathless.
What I'm looking forward to: april 11th - sonogram :D
Weekly Wisdom: belly band. life saver of the week!
Milestones: keeping calm and collected in my OB's office when discussing the 'changes' going on in his practice! ba! ohhh aaaand not gaining any weight like i assumed that i did!


Diana said...

Happy 15 Weeks :) Your bump is so cute, you look great Momma!

Nicole said...

I have the cutest PEA everrrrr.....just sayin'

The Best of Both Worlds said...

: )