March 17, 2011


i'm sure you've all heard/read about the 'microwave chocolate cake in a mug'. i have gotten the email circular a few times and always thought about making it; but never did. until tonight! ;]

i wanted to make kullen [and myself, hehe] a little somethin sweet since he ate 3 [kullen-sized] helpings of cabbage&potatoes! unfortunately, our oven is out of commission so i am limited to what i can make. since we have no ice cream [or anything else unhealthy tasty] i immediately thought of the microwave chocolate cake!

i mixed all the ingredients together in a [microwave safe] coffee mug:
4tbsp: flour
4tbsp: sugar
2tbsp: baking cocoa
3tbsp: milk
3tbsp: flour
3tbsp: chocolate chips [optional, and you KNOW i opted]

microwave for 3 minutes! i put a paper towel down thinking it would 'run' but it didn't. just rose and then sunk back down afterwards.

take out of mug and enjoy! :]

suggestions: [which i didn't follow]
-make sure you stir bottom corners of mug - otherwise you'll have some flour lumps.
    -spray mug with cooking spray/pam. would probably help the cake to slide out easier.
    -keep ice cream on hand, it would have been delish!


Diana said...

THAT looks absolutely mouth watering! YUM!

Just Jen said...

OMG! I have to make this. Soon! It looks so amazing!

Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

Isn't this funny, we blogged the same cake recipe without knowing it. Your right it's the great minds!

Amanda @ New Adventures said...

This looks amazing! We might have to try this tonight :) I love anything chocolate. I just stopped by your blog- its so cute!