January 29, 2011

snow day!

we FINALLY got some snow here in the dc/metro area!

we'd had a few 'dustings' this season but nothing major. they were calling for a 'few inches' on wednesday night and in preparation for it, i dressed kullen in my favorite [of his] pjs!

you know, the legend is to wear them inside out the night before an expected storm in order to get a snow day the next day - BUT - i like these pjs a little too much to put them on him inside out! we snuggled and stayed up a little late in hopes for a day off the next day!

and guess what? we got one!! granted, the government only had a 2hr delay but we took the entire day off. we let kullen go outside and experience his first snow of the year and help daddy clean off the cars! i dont know if he liked it much, but it was fun watching him explore in curosity!


and my baby sissy turned 20 on thursday!
 happy birthday zannie <3
we love you!!


Jeska said...

Love that candles picture!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Love those pjs!

Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

These pictures are great kaley. I love them all.