January 14, 2011

blogadelic FUNK

yep, i've got it. the 'nothing to post about' funk. and of course this funk strikes when i'm ooooozing with free time. the hub has been working a few side jobs and has joined a thursday night pool league so i'm finding myself with a lot more computer time. but wouldn't you know, i've got nothing to say! imagine that, right? ;]

january ... oh january. what a month you've been and it's only the 14th. do you know that almost the ENTIRE east coast got SLAMMMMMED with snow, except for the DC/metro area? yup, just this girls luck! i mean friggin alabama got snow! i was so hyped up for a few snow days and got shut down almost immediately! just my luck. i guess after snowmaggedeon of last year, nothing will compare but still.

we had our annual secret santa party the first weekend in january! what a blast! all the friends gathered at my place and cooked an ahh-mazing meal and enjoyed each others company! we decided to make this year a little more festive and encourage everyone to wear the ugliest christmas sweaters they could find!!! and boy were there some uglies! mandee and i made fake mustaches! [see bloggers, i AM artsy!] we played a steal-a-gift game and voted for ugliest sweater! my hub won first place! ;] kudos to me because i picked out that ugly sweater! haha!

also this lovely month, i've joined a book club! this is something on my 101 list so i'm extremely excited to start and cross another thing off my list. i suggested to our group we begin with the book 'water for elephants'. i heard amazing things about it from mandee [and if you've read the book - check out her review here!] so i was happy when the group all agreed! i think we've all picked the book up and are going to read a couple chapters and get together to discuss. the book even has discussion questions in the back! how awesome! =D i'm really excited to get together with these girls and meet a few new ones!

OH! in other 'group' news! i have started a mommy-and-me group!!! a lot of the blogs that i follow, blog about mommy-and-me groups in there area and it got me thinking, 'why don't WE have one of those'? so i started a facebook group just to see how many mamas would be interested and i got some GREAT feedback! i'm currently planning our first meeting and trying to think of the best location for it. the library is my number one choice, because it's free but i'm afraid to have so many chatty mama's and babbling babies in a place that is 'supposed' to be a quiet place! do any of your mama bloggers have suggestions? where do you guys hold your playdates??!! i have talked to a girl at kullen's 'mygym' and she seemed interested but i haven't called just yet. i want to get all my ducks in a row first! i really didn't want to charge the mama's and i am 99.9% sure that mygym would charge us a fee to use their facilities! if only i lived in a mansion OR the weather was nice, then we could do it at the park or something! PLEASE email/comment with some suggestions, i'd REALLY appreciate it!

i'm also hosting a durex party next weekend - sponsored by non other than House Party! =D this will be my THIRD party and i am oober thrilled for it. of course, most of my girlfriends are married or in committed relationships so the whole purpose of the party is obsolete but we can still have fun!

we'll also be celebrating some birthdays this month!!! my baby sissy turns TWENTY on the 27th and the hub turns twenty-seven [i think?!] on the 30th! not sure what we'll be doing but my dad and robin are coming up that weekend so it'll be nice to celebrate the birthdays with them in town! :] i have something in the works for adam's birthday that i'm excited about .. hopefully he will be too! stay tuned! ;]

so that's all the big events for this month! my pea [nicole] is coming home from LA next weekend so i will get to see her again, i am excited about that! and of course - the three day weekend! kullen has a party at mygym that evening so it ought to be fun! i'm going to try to take him there twice a week so he can play with his friends and get some energy out - the boy is crazy!

well, since that is ALL i have to blog about [woe is me] .. i'll be lucky if one person reads! but if you are reading and have something for me to blog about - lay it on me! i am in NEEEEEED of inspiration! ;]


MandeeFoFandee said...

I am super duper excited about book club! aaand you're welcome for the picture, huss! :)

I'm going to miss your face this weekend! give my boy lots of loves from hims Aunt Mandee!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

I knew it! I told Jon Adam was playing pool! Jon is too. What league/or team or whatever is Adam on? We will have to discuss this at dinner.

Blog ideas...hmm I wish I knew. i find myself blogging late late late. Only time I have time to think!