December 6, 2010


December 2 - Writing.
What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?

what a fitting post today. typically, the answer to this question would be work. unfortunately, i have to work and that takes up roughly 10 hours of my day. i work for the government and sit at a computer for 8 of those hours. as much as i intend/want to blog once i'm home, the last thing i want to do is spend MORE time in front of a computer when i could be playing with my son or catching up with the hub. and no, unfortunately i cannot eliminate the whole job thing just yet. [but believe me, that IS the plan eventually]

today, it wasn't work that kept me from writing. it was kullen. hims is such a sick little baby. the fever began yesterday along with some other nasty things and lasted throughout the night. his fever was still high this morning so i knew i would be taking the day off and taking him to the doctor. turns out he has an ear infection and a really bad cold with a croup cough :( his fever still won't go away. i'm hoping 24hrs of antibiotics will do the trick. i will probably be staying home with him again tomorrow but don't be surprised if i don't get much writing done then either.
my sick little baby just wanted to cuddle all day today. while i HATE that he's sick, i do love the cuddletime and affection he gives.

cleaning, cooking, laundry, and errand running are just a few of the other things that don't contribute to my writing. it's hard to find the time with all the every day life crap but i really love blogging and reading blogs so i am determined to make blogging apart of that crap! ;]


Jeska said...

Sorry about Kullen :( Hope he feels better by tomorrow! I know, I sit at a computer all day too- I'm bound to ruin my eyes worse than they already are!

Diana said...

Poor little guy; I hope he feels better soon!

Candi said...

Hi, following from the Blog Hop :) Hope your baby is well soon :)