December 28, 2010


December 26 – Soul Food.
What did you eat this year that you will never forget? What went into your mouth & touched your soul?

oh good Lord, what DIDN'T i eat this year?! you guys may remember these dishes from a couple of my previous posts - swiss steak casserole, white eggplant parmesan, margherita pizza, bbq chicken pizza and fajita wraps to name a few!

 i've been able to cook a bunch of new recipes this year and have enjoyed them all! i love to express myself through food and share my ideas and flavorful dishes with other people!
i've also been to a few good restaurants this year! melting pot being the numero uno on this list :D can't top that!!

but i think the thing that i ate this year that i will never forget was a pig snout! yes, PIG NOSE! we went to our friend joey's beach house for fourth of july and they did their annual pig roast. me and joey made a deal to try the nose and believe it or not, it was bearable! it's not something i'd eat everyday but at least i can cross that off the list.
i also tried salmon roe this year. ICK. taste like a salt lick!
but definitely most memorable was that pig. we saw it roast alllllll day and then ate it. pretty neat experience!

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Heather @ Simple Wives said...

Man, all that foods looks, and sounds delicious. I have yet to go to a Melting Pot (if we are talking about the same one...). That's one of my cousins favorite places to eat!