December 28, 2010

a poagy christmas!

christmas came and went in a flash and it makes me so sad. i want it back! i never felt fully prepared therefore didn't have time to enjoy all christmas has to offer. alas, next year.
anyway! we did our typical thanksgiving traditions and even started a few new ones! :] christmas eve was spent getting things ready for christmas day and awaiting 'the christmas story' to start it's 24 repetition at 8:00. we ordered chinese since my oven/stove was tied up doing other things and decide to make it an annual thing! ;] we left chex mix and sweet tea for santa and put kullen to bed. although he doesn't understand just yet, it's something i wanted to do!

i woke up before the boys and whispered 'merry christmas' to the hub before heading downstairs to prepare the turkey. just as i was finished and about to put 'her' in the oven, i heard my christmas boys coming! we put kullen down and he ran over to his chair and easel - this was the first picture i got of him. if you look closely behind his ninny - you can see the beginnings of a smile! :]

lucky little man even got a CUTE patriots outfit from nana & grandy! :]

after spending christmas morning at our house ... we packed up the car and headed over to the MIL's house for christmas breakfast with the hubs side of the fam [his mom, sister and kids]. kullen LOVES his cousin LJ and had a blast playing with him!

that evening, we had christmas dinner at my house! my family comes over and adam's mom joins as well. it's always fun when both sides of our family get together. in the future, i hope to have adam's sister join as well but understand they have other family to see. i love spending time with my mom and sis and kullen loves them as well!
 and here are just a few random christmas pictures of my boy! ♥

ma, talkin to santa here ...

tryin out his new easel! ;]

handsome ninnyface!!

 and lastly ... he was spoiled to death but insisted on playing with the swiffer! next year, i'm not wasting money on presents! hehe! 

hope you all had a beautiful christmas!!!


Jeska said...

Looks like a great Christmas! Love all the pictures. Kullen is too cute.

MandeeFoFandee said...

you already know I love all these pictures! also, you're not fooling ANYONE if you think you'll really refrain from buyin' that cuteface all kinds of gifts next year! ;)

Kathy said...

Love the pictures & ba ha ha to swiffer!