December 23, 2010


December 23 – New Name.
 Let’s meet again, for the first time. If you could introduce yourself to strangers by another name for just one day, what would it be and why?

is it weird that i wouldn't pick another name? i really enjoy my name! i am the only kaley amongst my group of friends so there isn't any confusion when referring to 'kaley'. i never heard 'kaley who?' and i like it that way.
my name is different and there isn't another one i'd choose for myself.

ALTHOUGH - when i was younger, i HATED it. i used to pretend my name was victoria. it was queen-like and of course, i thought i was a queen! :)

i guess for sake of answering the question though, i'd take my sisters name! zannie! it's another DIFFERENT name and we know i'm all about different.
[disclaimer: her real name is alexandra but we ALL call her zannie]
i'd love to have that name for all the same reasons that i love my name.
hello, my name is zannie. my sister is kaley.

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