December 26, 2010

a holiday review!

i'm super excited to be doing my first 'offical' review! CSN contacted me asking if i'd be willing to do a review for them and of course my answer was yes!

have you ever been to CSN? talk about a website you can get LOST in. they have over 200 stores and you can seriously get everything you need on just one site! how convenient! especially for the busy mothers like myself!

i'm going to be doing a review from the modern furniture section! i am having a hard time trying to decide what to review! head on over and check our for yourself, i mean the possibilities are endless! what would YOU pick?!

i mean look at this - how modern and neat is this. i can totally picture myself in this!

i look forward to reviewing something from this amazing site and hope to work with CSN again in the near future!

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