December 16, 2010


December 11: 11 Things

What are 11 things your life doesn’t need in 2011? How will you go about eliminating them? How will getting rid of these 11 things change your life?
1. stress.
i have already taken the steps to begin eliminating stress in my life. most of it is gone, the only biggin' that remains is work. after having a little health issue and thinking/realizing that it was more than likely due to stress at work, i've already begun trying to de-stress at work. luckily, i can feel stress coming on and blood pressure rising so when it happens, i remove myself from whatever i'm doing and either dive into blogs/emails or walk away from my desk. this job is great and all and i'm lucky to have it but it is not worth my health.
2. debt.
i plan on eliminating as much debt as i can in 2011 and not accruing anymore. i am famous for throwing things on my CCs and telling myself i'll pay them off later and then never do. i am also famous for going to target, kohls, giant, starbucks, acmoore and spending 20$ or 30$ here and there ALL MONTH LONG. that stuff adds up and before you know it, i'm broke again. i am determined to change my ways and instead of spending extra money, saving it!
3. clutter.
ugh, clutter will be the death of me. i hate going to other peoples homes and seeing their tidy house with NO CLUTTER. what do you people do with your JUNK?! there is clutter in every single room of my house and i can't stand it. i am going to purge said clutter from my life and keep it that way. there is no need for useless craaaap around my cute little house!
4. low self-esteem
this one is a toughy! although, if i get pregnant that will eliminate #4 for nine months! ha! i love a pregnant body and feel my BEST when i'm pregnant. strange, i know. but i plan to eliminate this one in correlation with #6 and #10. i want to start exercising again [even if i do become pregnant] and eating better. if i drop a couple pounds i will no longer struggle with my appearance which will boost my self-esteem!
5. unhappiness.
first off, don't get me wrong - i am NOT unhappy nor do i plan on being unhappy. i am just simply saying that i do not NEED unhappiness in my life next year - whether it's mine or anyone elses! i will eliminate it by keeping everyone in my life as happy as possible by being the best person i can be!
6. laziness.
i have been lazy for practically twenty six years and i'm finally done! [hehe] plus, i intend on having another baby here soon so laziness shouldn't exist with TWO kids! i want to keep my house clean, be productive on my blog and just get a lot more accomplished each day in general. i think it will change my life in plenty of ways but i think i'll be generally happier with all the things i can get accomplished!
7. negative people.
this one doesn't even really need an explanation. negative people bring you down and make life un-enjoyable so i just don't want any of them in my life. i've practically weeded them all out already but my plan is just to continue in the new year!
8. jealousy.
i wouldn't say that i'm an extremely jealous person but i have tendencies, that's for sure. i don't spend huge amounts of time dwelling on what i don't have and others do but it happens. i get jealous that people have time to do things and i don't. or that they can go on vacations and buy anything they want and i can't because i have bills upon bills. i plan on focusing on what i DO have in the next year versus what i don't because when it comes down to it - i have A LOT and more than most and should be thankful for that alone!
9. addiction.
this one needs no explanation. it's not a personal problem of mine but my it, in general, needs to be eliminated from my life next year.
10. unhealthy eating habits.
i don't eat extremely unhealthy but i would like to start eating better so that i can maintain a healthier lifestyle as well as feel better about myself. by doing so, i can help my family create healthier eating habits also!  plus, it'll help me lose weight too!! :)
11. my job!
well, i DOUBT i can eliminate this from my life in 2011 but hey, i can hope right!


MandeeFoFandee said...

love, love, love this post! you've got a great support system behind you and you know everyone is more than happy to help you eliminate anything off this list!

The Best of Both Worlds said...

Love this post! I really need to jump onto a daily post thingy!

Unknown said...

#2 & #7 are definitely on my list for 2011 also!

#8 was on my list for this year and it helped me to be so much happier...and it also helped with the self-esteem in ways that never imagined! You won't believe how much better it will make you feel when you give up on it...but I've also found that it is super easy to slip back into that mindset, so I have to constantly remind myself not to do it.

I'm loving the Reverb10 project, aren't you?