December 12, 2010

not a creature was stirring ...

...not even a kullen!

it's 7:45 and the entire poag house is quiet and HAS been for about an hour. it's rare that i get time to myself so of course i want to make the most of it. i spent about 20 minutes debating what i wanted to do because lets face it, there is SO much that needs to be done. i look around my bedroom and see toys, toothbrushes, clothes and other odds and ends strewn around and think about using my time to clean it all up. pass. i spend a few minutes browsing the net for some last minute christmas purchases [late late late] and decide to pass on that because my wallet is downstairs and i don't feel like getting it [hey, it's my time i'll be lazy if i want] i decide to take some time and blog because this past week i've been queen slacker.

kullen is finally getting better. he hasn't had a fever since friday. PTL! last week was awful. although i was home for a week and didn't hardly change clothes, let alone shower, i didn't get a thing done. you always think about the things you could achieve with one day off, well i had FIVE and didn't get ONE single thing done.
my poor boy was stuck to me like glue so trying to even make dinner was a task.
we spent the week checking temps, dosing meds, calling doctors, giving cool baths and cuddling. believe it or not, that is more exhausting than working! don't get me wrong, i didn't miss work one single bit and am realllly dreading leaving my boy tomorrow for an entire day. but i am glad he is feeling better. we actually left the house today!! kullens cousins gathered over his grandma's house for gingerbread house decorating and he thoroughly enjoyed himself, hence him passing out at 6:30!

the hub has also been passed out since 6:30 and with good reason as well! he got up early this morning and went into work at 3am for some double time! such a good man. Lord knows i wouldn't do that even if they offered triple time! lucky for me [and anyone wanting christmas presents] he did so when he fell asleep early, i didn't hassle him to stay awake for our shows.

instead, i'm going to enjoy the peace and quiet since i don't get much of it! i'm going to crochet a bit and watch some tv. this messy house, unaddressed chistmas cards and unwrapped christmas gifts can wait for another day!

hope everyone has a quiet evening :)

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