December 2, 2010

december challenges

i've decided to participate in two [so far, hehe] challenges for December.

the first one is reverb10.

my lovely bff mandee found this and i, of course, stole it! i think it's a great way to reflect on this past year and also gives me a reason [not as if i needed one, really] to blog daily.
i'm excited for this challenge and i am determined to complete it! i'm already 2 days behind, but i'll catch up! ;]

if you're interested in joining me and mandee - head on over to the reverb10 blog and sign up!

the second challenge is one that i've entered before but didn't complete. surprised? well hey - i had a tiny excuse - CAMERA BROKE! :( so, this month i'm determined to complete it! i love photographing Christmas-y stuff so this one should be a breeze! in fact, i already know what i'm going to photograph for some of the challenges!
i hope a few of you will join me on this challenge. i love seeing other peoples talents and think it will be fun to see how everyone perceives the same prompt!

so head on over to the Photo Hunt Challenge website and sign up!

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Swindy's Stories said...

I am interested in this Photo Hunt but i am not sure what it is... what is it?