November 3, 2010

giving thanks

i stole this from Mandee over at the bear naked truth. Since it's November and Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, she had a great idea of blogging about what you are thankful for. why limit your gratefulness for only ONE day. i love the idea. there are SO many things to be thankful for and i think they get brushed under the rug and forgotten about so hopefully these posts will help me remember and be thankful more often.

today i am thankful for such a great sitter[for kullen]. i have good and bad days when i drop him off and today was a hard one. i couldn't even hang around and chat because i was heartbroken that i had to drop him and head into work for 8 LONGGG hours BUT i know that when i leave him with Stephanie, he is in good hands.

it's hard to think of someone else practically raising your kid but when you know the person and 100% trust them, it makes the thought a little easier. she has three great kids and i know she will treat my kid the same as she does her own. i also know that her kids love my son and treat him as if he were apart of their family, and that's comforting.

it seems as of late, kullen gets extremely upset when i leave him. it's like as soon as i set him down he runs back to me because he knows that i'm leaving. i know that it won't last long and within 20 minutes he will forget all about me leaving him but it doesn't make it any easier for me. what makes it easier is getting an email from stephanie saying that he cuddled with her and fell back asleep, or that he was in a fantastic mood after his morning nap. i know that he doesn't forget ABOUT me but he forgets that i LEAVE him.

another thing that makes stephanie so great is that she sends me pictures of my little man during the day. to some, it might make them miss their kid more but it actually helps me get through the day. she also sends me a daily recap of what he's eaten and anything in particular that i should know about [behavior/injuries]. she even feeds the boy when i forget to bring his food =X

i'm truly thankful to have such a great friend who enjoys watching my son. when i first became pregnant and we tossed the idea around i was worried it would affect our friendship if anything went wrong and boy was i WRONG. if anything, i think it had brought us closer together. i couldn't imagine taking kullen anywhere else and hope that i never do [well, i guess i will when he goes to SCHOOL - ah, don't want to think about it]

so, steph - whenever you read this - THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!


Clarissa's Cottage Arts said...

Thank you Stephanie for taking such good care of Kullen, our great grandson.

Anonymous said...

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