October 18, 2010

bits & pieces

i feel like i haven't had time to blog lately and it kills me. i'm home with kullen today ... actually, home with both boys but bigboy is at the dentist. so while he's gone and kullen is napping, i figured i'd hop on here.
my boy will be 16 months tomorrow. he is growing extremely too fast for my liking but at the same time, he is becoming so FUN to be around. he makes me laugh constantly with his jabble and attempt to 'copy' what anyone does. his latest thing is 'hot'. he thinks everything is hot and will pull his hands back and say HAAAAA [his attempt at hot] and it's the most adorable thing ever. i won't spend too much time on this topic because i HOPE to post a 16month blog tomorrow! ;]

i'm excited for my birthday on thursday. turning twenty six doesn't have any perks but we did get tickets to Ovo Cirque De Soile at 4pm that day! i will go straight from work and meet the boys, my mom and her husband there and hopefully grab dinner somewhere in the harbor afterwards! i'm also hoping to get some beautiful pictures down at the harbor that evening.
also, this weekend, my friends are gathering for dinner at The Melting Pot for dinner. i am SUPEEER excited! The Melting Pot is my favoritttte restaurant and the fact that my favorites will be dining with me, makes it all the more better!

speaking of birthday - i got my first birthday gift!! we had a double date last week with my bff mandee and her hub and she gave me my gift! :) i mean, how well does she know me!? ;]

it has come to my realization that i hardly everrrrr finish things. examples: 30 day song challenge, 365 photo challenge, mean girl cleanse, amongst many other things. it irritates me! maybe i start too many things at once. maybe it's my impulsiveness because i do realize that i am VERY impulsive. once i get my mind set on something, i mussssst have it and then after a while, i'm over it. that is definitely something i want to change about myself. and i want to restart that 365 project because i DO want to finish that. anyone else interested in doing it with me? aka - PUSHING me to complete it! ;]

a lot of areas have been swarmed with stink bugs. i think i may have mentioned it briefly in another blog saying we hadn't been impacted. well, i spoke too soon! granted, we dont have them as bag as some areas but i'm still grossed out. we've had THREE in our house within the last week. ick! pray for us. haha!

i posted a 'ramblings' blog a while ago and had a few people address it and ask if i was okay or depressed. that wasn't the point of the blog. i guess maybe it came across that way because it was a tad sullen, and i realize that but i promise you all - this girl is NOT depressed ;]
i may be stressed about my uterus and a few other things but i refuse to let it get me down. :D smiles over here, promise!

i decided to use a photo from this weekend at the Renaissance festival for one of my photo hunt pictures [which by the way, i WILL finish!! swear it!] for the child item - i chose this picture of kullen chowing down on a turkey leg! this kid LOVED it, even more than hims mama! ;]

 i'm also reallllly excited about the autumn exchange that i'm taking part in hosted by jessi lynn smith! i got my partner and already have a few ideas of what to get her! i better get the move on, has to be mailed by friday! :D the only problem i'm having is spending ONLY 15$ haha!!
also, while at her page i noticed she was doing a 30 day challenge. it was an 'all about me' challenge. guess who is sucked in? me! another something to start and not finish though.

well kullen is up and tapping the keys so i have to cut this short.
stayed tuned for a bloggy surprise =D

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