September 27, 2010

my first swap

since i joined the blog world and found out about 'swaps', i have wanted to join one. it seemed, though, everytime i found out about one it was already closed :( NOT THIS TIME!!! :)

Jessi Lynn Smith is hosting a swap of her own and since i'm a dedicated follower, i was one of the first to know :) the best part? it's a FALL swap!!!

now, summer has always been my favorite season [and still is] but i am developing quite a love for fall! :) the change from BLAZING heat to welcoming cooler weather just makes me fall in love. i love being able to take my boy outside and not have to worry about sunburn or heat stroke! i also love long sleeve tee's ;) and fall decor! oh, and fall SCENTS! =] obviously, i could go on and on which means i am ELATED about this swap! i can't wait to find out who my blog partner is!

i also want to encourge MY blog buddies to participate in the swap! how fun to shop for fall stuff in your area and send it somewhere across the US where they might not have the same stuff - and vice versa!


1 comment:

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