September 20, 2010

hamburgers & baseball

there is something about burgers and a baseball game that make me happy :) it's like you can't have one without the other. of course, hot dogs also go well but we're more of a burger & fry kinda family!

after scarfing our burgers down, we took kullen to his first baseball game! we have a local minor team - southern maryland blue crabs - who's stadium is about 5 minutes from our house. tickets are cheap and seats are great! i think kullen loved watching and of course clapping with the crowd, which as you'll notice consisted of us and like 10 other people! ;] poor blue crabs!

i enjoyed taking my boy to his first game. i'm excited for next summer when he'll be a little older and can enjoy it a little more! but we had a great time, regardless :)

we had a very busy weekend - baseball, the county fair and kullen's fisher price play date!! [blogs to follow]. it's weekends like these that make my mommy-life a little more rewarding. i'm so privileged to have such a great son ♥ [a blog will follow on my 15month old baby as well]

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