September 21, 2010

friday fair fun

we took our boy to the local fair over the weekend and he (as well as us) enjoyed it to the fullest!

we rode the carousel

and the caterpillar

and through the funhouse of mirrors and down the swirly slide

and, of course, Dumbo.

then we went to see the animals and found the cutest baby cow :) kullen loved him!

we also ran into our friends! ...and baby makes five and her babies!

we had such a great time at the fair. this was kullen's second year going and obviously, this year was MUCH more fun. he was excited by the rides, lights and of course - food! it made it so much more enjoyable this year to see his excitement. i can hardly wait for next year :)
i found a picture of kullen exactly one year ago - from the fair last year - look how much he has changed. haha!

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