September 8, 2010

day fifteen

half-way! :)

day 15 – a song that describes you

this was one of the first 'days' that i didn't even have to think about what song songs i was going to use! yep, you read right - i am using TWO. only because i can't really pick between the two and i feel they both describe me.

the first is i'm not dead by p!nk.
from the moment i first heard this song, i immediately fell in love and related. not only is p!nk my favorite singer, i can actually relate to A LOT of her songs but this one stood out. i think it's the line 'i'm not scared just changing'. it's a perfect line for me. i have been with my husband for the last eight years and no matter what we go through, at the end of it all the one thing that remains is us. throughout the eight years, both of us have changed, both drastically and subtly but regardless we still love each other and he is still my crack of sunlight.♥

the other song i chose is who i am by jessica andrews.
i know there are tons of people that can surely relate to this song but it's another one that i heard one time and immediately changed the lyrics to 'i ammm clarissa's granddaughterrrrrr' .. hehe! i am a spitting image of my father and my mama is my biggest fan. i'm clueless and [definitely] clumsy .. but i've got friends that love me and that's who i am.
it's a feel-good song about knowing who you are and loving yourself regardless. and knowing that people love you, flaws and all.


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ashley said...

wow, you really took me back with the who i am song! reminds me of my country-music-filled childhood!