August 3, 2010

day two

day 02 – your least favorite song

so, this is another hard one for me. there really isn't a song that sticks out that i DO NOT like but for sake of posting this blog - i do have an answer. that would be - 'family affair' by mary j blige. actually, i don't really like ANYTHING by miss [i-think-i'm-the-greatest-woman-to-ever-open-my-mouth-and-sing-a-song] blige. not only do i not get the lyrics to this song - what in the world is a 'dancery' anyway? please, tell me miss lyrical genious mary? but some of the words in this song are just reDONKuLOUS! hateration, holleration, perculation .. really??? i mean i like the concept of 'don't need no hateration' - but do you ever stop and think people are hating because of your attitude miss mary? you really AREN'T God's gift to music OR women for that matter!
ohhhh please forgive me - the point of this is not to go into a rant about how you don't like an ARTIST - just a song. so there ya have it. i know a lot of people like this song and don't get me wrong - if it comes on and i'm with my girls - i'm gonna shake my little booty but it's definitely not something i'd go and request or listen to on my own!

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Steph said...

BAHAHAHA! HATE that song!! In fact when I first read you had to write about a song you hated..I knew I would want to write about this one! HAHA!
I will admit, I'm a fan of olddddd school Mary..her rainy days song is one of my favorites BUT she has changed a LOT since then. =/

MandeeFoFandee said...

oh my god, totally agree. that song is horrible!

fun fact: I saw her perform this song live in NYC for NYE a few years ago, and she was practicing ALL day long before the evening's live broadcast. she messed it up SO many times and it sounded horrible.