August 5, 2010

day three

day 03 – a song that makes you happy

here we have ANOTHER hard one for me. i have SOOOOOO many songs that make me happy in one way or another and that is because they are all tied to SO many good memories. it was hard for me to pick JUST one! i was 99% sure that my song choice for this category would be a sublime song because honestly, everyone of their songs make me happy. even still, it was gonna be hard to pick the ONE sublime song that always makes me happy. BUT - i've got it. and just to solidify my decision even MORE - it just so happened to start playing on my pandora radio AS i'm typing this blog! FATE! so, what is it? GET READY! :)
i'm in the moooooood - get readyyyyyyyyy!!!! :D

BUT - for honorable mentions, these are the runner ups:

summertime - sublime
x's and o'x - faith hill
mmmbop - hanson
barbie girl - aqua
BYOB - system of a down

and who knows - these songs may make the cut another day! ;]

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Melissa Au said...


Melissa here from MomsReview4You. Just wanted to let you know that I am following your blog! I would LOVE it if you could follow mine too!


Anonymous said...

o0o man I love mmmbop LMAO

Still Standing ... said...

I so love Barbie Girl!!!