August 9, 2010

day four

day 04 – a song that makes you sad
who you'd be today by kenny chesney.

this one wasn't hard AT ALL. i can't listen to this song without shedding a tear - usually more than one. the first time i heard this song was after my friend dave died and of course it touched me. i was married and planning a family and unfortunately, he would never know any of that. the song says 'would you chase your dreams, settle down and start a family? i wonder what would you name your babies' - that's the line that always gets me. now that time has passed, the song hits home even more with a family member gone. it kills me to know that people that i love won't get to know me, my family or my child and even worse - they won't have one. but selfishly, you always think about what those people will miss in your life - but this song flips it some and makes you think about what else you will miss in their life, besides the person.
anyway - i don't want to go into depth on this one because who wants to be sad ... so, day four - complete.

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