August 12, 2010

day six

day 06 – a song that reminds of you of somewhere

since made up song's probably don't count [and by this i am referring to the made up song my cousin and i made up YEARS ago while floating around in the lazy river of our condo in myrtle beach, sc] i will pick a REAL song. coincidently - this song reminds me of MYRTLE BEACH! if you couldn't tell ... me and MB have a very strong bond and MANY memories have been created there ['cute' boys, punkin, eminem CD, frieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeend, chris cheek, arcades, freaky tiki, getting engaged, getting MARRIED, quitting birth control, first family of 3 vacation ..].

so, naturally, i would pick a song that reminds me of there. the song?
under the bridge - red hot chili peppers!

this goes back MANY years - when vacationing there with my family and my aunt & uncle.
every year we have a 'beach' song - and we determine said song by the number of plays on the local radio station. this particular year - we must have heard that song 20 times per day. i'm pretty sure i learned all the words that week and i was maybe all of 10years old! i still love that song and anytime i hear it - i will announce [assuming i'm around family that was at the beach that week] - BEACH SONG :D

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