August 11, 2010

day five

day 05 – a song that reminds you of someone

easy as pie. right?
i could pick a song that reminds me of each and every person in my life but we'd be here ALLLL day if i did that! haha!
but i'm actually going to pick one that stands out and not only reminds me of my girl christina but reminds me of one specific summer we had! ;] oh the adventures. anytime i hear this song - i automatically think of her, our friends and one tiny little apartment!
so without further ado -
perfect gentleman by wyclef jean :)

we both could sing this song word for word and i remember us in her little blue paseo - replaying it over and over and over again just to learn it :) and laughing hysterically at some of the translations we came out with!
actually - any song of that CD makes me think of her and our fun times but i chose that one because it was our favorite :)
even though a lot of those memories are hazy to me ... i can hear that song and instantly be taken back :)
level one .. level two ... don't let me get to level three bean ;]
my fake husband dave!
our 'post graduation' pact [that never happened! haha]
driving up and down 301 looking good with no place to go!
... i could go on and on for days!

i loves her and this song :)

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