August 24, 2010

day twelve

day 12 – a song from a band you hate

this one is for my dad ;]

it was hard for me to pick a band i HATE ... and to be honest, even the band i chose - i wouldn't say that i HATE. i just HAAAAAAAAAAATED listening to it OVER and OVER again while my dad would drive me arond! and actually, this MAY have been before the times of CD players in cars - so he would rewind and replay this song over and over - or at least it seemed that way to me!!
any guesses dad??!!!

right next door [because of me] - robert cray band!


HAHA!!! that STUPID song! it still haunts me! ;] it's actually not a BAD song but being that i was forced to listen to it so much - it bugs me!!!! i guess now i understand why you liked it though!!!

so, i was between robert cray band and rascall flatts for a band that i hate. i don't really know WHY i 'hate' rascall flatts though - they aren't AWFUL and i sometimes like their songs - but for some reason, they ANNOY me. since i at least had a REASON for my robert cray band annoyance - i went with them! ;]

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MandeeFoFandee said...

and this is why we're best friends - I also dislike Rascal Flatts with a passion. I don't mind their songs too much, I just don't like the band itself or the lead singer. I think he sounds like he's whining all the time!

icepicked said...

WHAT ? ? You hated that song but you song it sooo good.... hahahaha Ok lets clear the air.... It was a CD I never had that on cassette. Glad I could be the song and group you hated.... :p