July 19, 2010

thirteen months

my little BIG mancub is thirteen months old today. meaning, he has been ONE YEAR for ONE month [for those math-challenged, haha]. it's CRAZY how he has changed in a matter of a month.
the night before he turned one, he took his very first step. [he had been cruising furniture and anything else he could for a little while at that point] - each day he would get more confident in his steps and as of today, i would consider my little man a walker ;) he still crawls when he is either a) lazy or b) in a hurry, but the majority of the time he is on his feet. he has also learned to stand up on his own to walk versus having to pull up on the something to begin. it's funny though because one day adam and i were talking, wondering when he'd start doing that and the next evening - we noticed he was! well, i noticed he had plopped down in the middle of the floor and the next time i looked at him - he was up on his feet. so we watched and watched and saw him do it - now, he does it quite often. ya see, he is still VERY clumsy because he is just now learning to use those two feet of his. he plops on his butt quite often and has to use this newly learned skill to get back up!
so - allllll day long he is walking back and forth, falling on his butt and getting back up. he even runs a little bit ;] he likes to walk all around our house and move things from their place and put them somewhere else. ;]
i've also noticed that he is quite a little 'cleaner' ... and by that i mean anytime he has a napkin or washcloth, he rubs it against a surface - as if to be cleaning. he has been doing this for a while actually, especially in the tub but i've begun to notice it more and more. over the weekend he was in the kitchen with me and found a napkins and began 'wiping' the trash can! HAHA! :) if only he could use some clorox cleaning spray while he was wiping :)
he is also becoming more and more vocal. still 'mama' and 'dada' are his main words but he 'talks' ALLLL the time. nobody understands his little babble, but it's REALLLLY cute. he does say 'tickle tickle' though .. haha!!! if you start tickling him (which we do A LOT because his laugh is awesome) and then stop - if he wants you to do it again - he goes 'tickle tickle tickle' in the cutest little whisper-like voice (probably because that's how i say it to him). i'm trying to capture this on video, but it's not that easy! haha!
he is also pointing [since he's can't speak yet] at things when he wants them. i'm not a huge fan of pointing especially when it's accompanied by grunting but i know this how babies do ... and of course, since it's from kullen - it's cute. thankfully the grunting hasn't started yet - hopefully it doesn'ttttt! ;]
also - since his first birthday, he has become the PERFECT [repeat: PERFECT] nighttime baby. we never have issues anymore and we owe it all to caterpillar family! [sorry if anyone is annoyed with my shoutouts to her but you have NO IDEA how much her advice and personal experiences helped me!] he sleeps for about 10 hours every night - uninteruppted! if anything, he'll wake up and cry for a second and go right back to sleep. i haven't had to get up from my sleep and tend to you in weeks - and it has been soooooo nice :)
he is also beginning to use utensils more. actually, yesterday he had oatmeal for breakfast and when he was about done, i gave the bowl to him just to see how he'd do. he scooped up his oatmeal but by the time he made it to his mouth, all the oatmeal had slid off the spoon and onto his tray. once something is on his tray - he is a HANDS ON eater ;) he'll get it soon enough though!
not TOO many updates since last month - but thought i'd blog about them anyway.
14 months might be interesting since i read in our babycenter update that now is the time where picking eating, waking up at night and many accidents [from learning to walk] occur. HOOORRAAAYYYY! hehe but regardless ...

happy 13 months kullenman!!! ♥
mama loves you! :)

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Unknown said...

I don't mind your shoutouts! BAhaha ;)

Yay Kullen! He walked A LOT at my house, especially when trying to keep up with Dominic!!