July 9, 2010

have i mentioned?

my son LOVES spaghetti?! ;]

before -

during -

after -

*note* - he isn't eating with utensils just yet, but he's working on it! he likes to hang on to one while he eats and will occasionally scoop some food up and attempt to eat it off! one downfall to this - he only does it with OUR forks. he will throw his SAFE fork on the floor and yell for mine ... =/


alison said...

coming to you from friday follow :) i have pictures of my son that look exactly like that. he's 2.5 now and STILL eats with his hands while holding onto his utensils. i insists on having a fork and a spoon at each meal, but they're usually pretty clean by the end of dinner! spaghetti is always an entertaining food choice.

Megan Smith said...

your little guy is TOO cute!! thanks for stopping by hun!!

*newest followers :)